Significant improvements at the Oritkari main quay

This summer, the Port of Oulu is experiencing significant changes as the old 50-ton Takraf articulated boom crane, acquired from Eurokai pier in the Port of Hamburg in 1995, has reached the end of its service life and will be dismantled to make way for a new crane.

The old crane weighs approximately 600 tons and has a dismantling height of 45 meters, which presents its own challenges for dismantling. The dismantling of the old crane will be handled professionally and safely by Romuta Oy, which will transport the dismantled parts to its Liminka facility, where they will be shredded and sorted according to steel mill requirements. The dismantling has been planned in such a way that the loading and unloading of ships at the port will not be disrupted, and the pier’s container traffic will not need to be interrupted.

The dismantling of the crane is scheduled to be completed by the end of July 2024.

You can follow the crane dismantling work on Romuta Oy’s LinkedIn page >>

Crane 6 arriving.

Crane 6 arriving in Oulu. August 1995.

Crane 6 in Oritkari

Brand new crane 6










Crane 6 in October 2023

Crane 6 in October 2023












New Crane in Summer 2025

After the summer of 2025, the main pier in Oritkari will be operated with two cranes. In addition to the current container crane, a new sixth-generation Gottwald portal crane will increase the container handling capacity of the Port of Oulu and significantly enhance the flexibility for handling other types of cargo. The new crane can be installed on the existing tracks, thus minimizing downtime. Full operational capacity will be achieved during the summer of 2025.

The crane’s modern technology and reach allow for wider movement ranges, enabling access to containers in challenging corner positions of RO-RO vessels and high container stacks on ship decks. The 125-ton lifting capacity also allows for the lifting of larger individual loads.

The new crane uses the port’s electrical grid, eliminating local exhaust emissions, and collects lowering and braking energy, either for the crane’s own consumption or to feed back into the grid. These consumption and emission-reducing features support the port’s environmental goals.

Konecranes press release (in English) >>


New Mooring Bollard Enhances Safety and Reduces Emissions

A storm mooring bollard has been installed at the main pier in Oritkari during the spring by Mestek Oy. The bollard has a tensile strength of 2500 kN (250 tons).

The storm mooring bollard is intended to secure and ensure the mooring of the largest vessels, particularly during strong southwest winds. The use of the bollard also reduces fuel costs, as the vessel does not need to use its engines to stay in place during strong winds.