Goods handled at Oritkari harbour mainly comprise containers and paper as well as other forest industry products. The harbour consists of the Main Quay and the North and West Quays.

The Main Quay has two berths, measuring 343 metres in total, with a draught of 9.0 metres. The North Quay is 170 metres long, and the draught is 10.0 metres. The West Quay is 330 metres long and has a draught of 10.0 metres.

The two 50-tonne cranes on the Main Quay are mostly used for container traffic.

The Port House, which houses the offices of the Port of Oulu and Oulu Customs, is located right next to the harbour. Herman Andersson Oy, Suomen Contfix Oy, Seamen’s Mission and civil protection shelters are also found within the harbour area.