The Port of Oulu is a responsible port operator. Responsibility appears in everyday work and activities. Responsibility is guided by the quality policy, environmental policy, occupational safety policy and personnel policy.


Customer Focus

We are in ongoing interaction with our customers. We are aware of our customers’ needs for change and are at the forefront in development. We strive for long-term partnerships and are the customer’s first choice. We measure our success with customer feedback, internal audits, management reviews, performance metrics and external evaluation.


We are a reliable partner and we expect our partners to have the same commitment to quality and sustainable development than us. Our operation is based on the development of cooperation. We act as agreed and keep our promises.

Continuous Improvement

We are aware of our goals and results-oriented. We are constantly improving our services and competitiveness and looking for new opportunities to add value for our customers and partners. We are developing all the time.



We promote sustainable development and create the conditions for a better living environment. We recognize our environmental challenges and act preventively. Our goal is to constantly improve our operations taking environmental aspects into account. We train our personnel in environmental matters and ensure that suppliers meet our requirements. We act responsibly and constantly improve our operations.

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occupational safety

We have zero tolerance for accidents at work. In occupational safety work, we invest in preventive activities that are based on risks for assessment, management and necessary procedures. We offer our personnel a safe work environment and we constantly strive to ensure that the risks in the work environment are minimized. We emphasize the responsibility of the personnel to follow the instructions and regulations given. We are committed to consulting employees and their representatives and involving them in improving occupational safety. We cooperate with the necessary stakeholders in occupational safety matters. We are constantly developing our occupational safety.



Our personnel management is goal-oriented and encouraging. The management is high-quality, the personnel is doing well, activities are effective  and the organization operating methods are renewed. The personnel is aware of the goals of their own unit and commits implementing them. Skills are put to good use and personnel are encouraged to work outside their own unit or job description. Everyone has the opportunity to develop themselves. Managers courage staff to develop and maintain the professionalism of their employees. However, each employee is responsible for their own development. Communication is open and timely. Every employee is aware of his duty to find out about himself and his work. All employees are treated fairly and equally.