Port of Oulu becomes the part of the European TEN-T Core Network

TEN-T stands for Trans European Transport Network, which promotes the sustainable movement of people and goods from one member country to another as seamlessly as possible. TEN-T connects Europe’s roads, railways, inland waterways, sea and air connections, urban hubs and multimodal cargo terminals into an extensive transport network. The TEN-T network consists of a comprehensive network, an extended core network and a core network. According to the new proposal, the network will be built in three stages: the core network will be completed by 2030, the expanded core network by 2040 and the comprehensive network by 2050. TEN-T connects 424 major cities with ports, airports and railway terminals. When the TEN-T network is completed, it will reduce travel times between these cities.

Port of Oulu has been part of the comprehensive network, but as a result of the trilogue between the European Commission, the Parliament and the member states held on 18th December 2023, it was decided to raise the TEN-T core network port.

Access to the TEN-T Core Network:

  • Strengthens the role and competitiveness of Oulu Port both nationally and internationally
  • Enhances Oulu’s position as an important transportation hub
  • Increases connections to other European logistic hubs
  • Expands ports EU funding opportunities
  • Enhances port operational reliability and customer trust
  • Imposes obligations regarding infrastructure development, with a focus on environmentally friendly transport solutions
  • Enables influence over the future directions and development of the European transportation network

This decision is particularly significant now, as the importance of the northern region in Finland’s security of supply and connections to the west is emphasized.

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