New staff in the port

Operations and Technical Manager Risto Niva will retire and Infrastructure Manager Anssi Kemppainen will continue his work. Anssi has several years of construction and supervisor experience as well as extensive experience in the infrastructure sector. Anssi is familiar with port environment as he previously worked for Ramboll CM Oy and in projects concerning Port of Oulu. Anssi has started in the position in January 2022. Free time Anssi spends with different kinds of sports

Since January 2022 Development Manager Soila Riutta has handled the tasks and projects related to port digitalization. The entire port personnel are also involved in the development work related to digitalization from the perspective of their own area of responsibility. Soila’s responsibilities also include marketing, communications, and participation in different kinds of business events and exhibitions. Soila has been working in the port for several years, e.g. in the role of port coordinator and communications and systems expert for the digital project.

Financial matters of the port is handled by Business Controller Petra Kivilahti. Petra has experience in several different industries and different areas of business. Petra worked lately as a Controller for the Greenled Group. From Greenled Petra got an excellent experience, thanks to a varied and instructive job description. Petra is interested in directing and developing operations, developing forecast models and automating reporting through financial and operational information. “It is important to me that there are inspiring team players around me, and this seems to be happening in the port and for my part I want to reinforce this experience,” says Petra. Petra started working in the port in March 2022. Free time is spent with dogs and sport activities.

Let’s keep in touch!

Anssi Kemppainen, tel. +358 50 379 6271

Soila Riutta, tel. +358 40 668 6487

Petra Kivilahti, tel. +358 40 0468 320


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