Oulu Port Green Transition Industrial Area

Oulu, with Finland’s second busiest airport and largest general port in the Bothnian Bay is a junction for sea, railroad, and road traffic. It is the most important commercial, logistic, and cultural hub of Arctic Europe and the gateway to Arctic Europe regions. The availability of skilled workforce, status as a high-tech hotspot, excellent connectivity and increasing population provide an excellent platform for new investments.

Now, great investment possibilities in the Port of Oulu area are arising. A new industrial site, Oulu Port Green Transition Industrial Area, from 40 ha up to 200 ha is under development providing opportunities for sustainable, green transition industry such as hydrogen economy.

Express your interest in the Oulu Port Green Transition Industrial Area

If you’re interested in the site, please, take part in the registration and evaluation procedure organized by consulting company AFRY Finland Oy. The procedure is carried out to find the most suitable green transition operators (1–3) for the Oulu Port green transition site.

Suitable candidates see the big potential in the area and are willing to take part to the infrastructure investments, have strong connection to the port operations (big volumes of import / export), are dedicated to sustainable and responsible operation, support the strategic goals of the City of Oulu and will be the key players in forming the flourishing ecosystem of green transition industry.

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