New record in sawn timber and container traffic

The last few years have seen some of the fastest development in the history of the Port of Oulu. We have built lots of new storage fields and railways and increased our quay capacity. The most important improvement was the dredging of the new deep channel with a draught of 12.5 metres that was completed at the end of 2018. The completion of the dredging project enables the Port to grow in quite an unprecedented manner as compared to the previous draught. In addition, the dredging has allowed us to increase the area of the Port by more than 50 hectares. The increase in area creates a lot of opportunities for the Port’s current and future customers. Some of the new areas are already under development. The aim is to have new container fields at our customers’ disposal as soon as possible. However, this will by no means mark the end of our development efforts. During the years 2019–2021, the total area of the container fields will increase by several hectares, and we will also be adding to our quay capacity along the new 12.5-metre channel.

The increase in container and sawn timber traffic in particular is also creating good prospects for continued growth. In recent years, we have repeatedly reached new records in both container and sawn timber traffic. In both of these, Oulu has for years been the largest port in the Bay of Bothnia, and the positive trend is set to continue.

In 2018, the amount of sawn timber shipped from the Port of Oulu totalled about 620,000 m3, which marks a new record for the Port of Oulu. Total amount of container was 51 906 TEUs.




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