New Oulu deep-water channel dredging started 6th September

New Oulu deep-water channel dredging started 6th of September. The depth of the current entry channel to the Port of Oulu is 10.0 metres. In accordance with the Water Act, the Finnish Transport Agency and the City of Oulu have applied for a permit to deepen the sea channel leading to the Port of Oulu, the entry channel to the Port and the harbour basin to 12.5 metres, and to deposit the dredging masses on land.

The length of the new deep-water channel is 77 kilometres, 55 of which consist of a completely new northern route. The starting point of the deep-water channel is 25 kilometres north of the current 10-metre channel, which runs closer to Hailuoto. The new alignment mostly follows a deep natural channel, which means that the need for dredging is greatly reduced compared to deepening the current channel. As the volume of ship traffic is expected to rise, a new and deeper channel will also improve traffic safety.

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