You need a permit to enter the Port area. Apply for a permit based on whether you only visit the Port at a certain time or repeatedly. The access permit is personal. Only the person to whom the permit has been granted has the right to use it. Bringing guests to the Port without a permit is not allowed.

When visiting the Port, remember that as a rule, parking is forbidden in the quay area. If you need a parking permit, apply for one when you apply for the access permit.

Access permits

If you only visit the Port once, or several times within a short period of time, apply for a temporary access permit online.

A temporary permit may also be issued at the gate. For the permit, the following information is required at the gate or at the company you visit: time of your visit, your licence plate number, your personal details and the name of contact person.

Permanent access permit

If you visit the Port area repeatedly, apply for a permanent access permit. A permanent access permit is in force until further notice.

The quickest way to apply for a permanent access permit is to fill in the application form online. Paper application forms are available at the Port House in Oritkari or at the gate building, where they can also be returned.

If you visit the Port frequently, apply for a licence plate number identification permit for your access permit. With this, the gate will recognise you vehicle by its license number or ID tag, facilitating access to the Port.

Permanent access permits are issued by the Port of Port of Oulu Traffic Manager or the port operator’s Security Manager. The permit may be cancelled if it is used contrary to instructions.

Port of Oulu
Traffic Manager
Sampo Kananen
tel. +358 44 703 2751

Port operator
Security Manager
tel. +358 8 315 0209